How to deal with bad news:Keep your lemons, I never liked lemonade anyway.

I have said before that life is short; life is precious; life is meant to be lived to the fullest. Well, easy for me to say right? I don’t know what you are going through. Likewise, you don’t know what I am going through. My best guess is, if you are living and breathing, if you love someone, if you have a job, if you have responsibilities, you are likely going through something. Life is happening to everyone, all the time.

Last week I found out I passed my genetic mutation to my daughter. I was in shock. I didn’t think the test results would be positive, but there we were, sitting together in the genetics office with the doctor and the genetics counselor receiving this life changing information. I had to keep a brave face for my daughter. I didn’t want her to panic, but inside I was shaken. I know the statistics. I know the preventative measures. I know all of those things, but what I don’t know is what the future really holds. My crystal ball is just an ornament, no prophetic words coming from that glass ball.

I cried. I slept. I cried some more. I slept some more. I let my newfound dietary lifestyle fall by the wayside temporarily. I didn’t have it in me to eat for a few days. I didn’t go to the gym. My daughter and I took a few days together to just exist. I guess at this time there isn’t much else you can do but EXIST.

The whoa is me is over and we have Dr appointments scheduled soon. Now, we wait.

All the while that this has been going on my dear friend has been accompanying her mother to chemo treatments for stage iv cancer. Despite the fact that we are on opposite sides of the country, my friend is such a master social media networker, I feel like I am in the battlefield with them. They are most certainly in my prayers often.

Then, today, my dear friend text messages me……..”I found out some interesting news today.” I was for sure she was going to share juicy gossip or some amazing recipe that tastes like chocolate cake but has the same macro content of egg whites. No such luck, “I have lynch syndrome.” So many things flooded my mind, and with all my long winded communication, the best I could text back was, “what!?!” She quickly ran down her family history, which after I heard it together, made complete sense. I wish I had known before, but I don’t know what more I could have done outside of encouraging genetic testing. (this blog is not about genetic testing)

My thoughts went to her three small children, and the battle set before them. I hope that I will serve as a source of support and information, but the greatest advice I can give anyone is………………

Watch the sunset with your love.IMG_0001

Stop and appreciate the magnificent beauty of a beautiful bloom. IMG_0002

Move across the country for love. IMG_0003

Be brave enough to fall off that new bike.IMG_0004

Buy the shoes.IMG_0005

Throw out that bad food.  IMG_0006

Don’t take yourself so serious. IMG_0007

Try a new hobby. IMG_0008

Fall and get back up again.IMG_0009

Take time for new adventures with old friends.IMG_0010

Life does go on. Life is happening everyday, everywhere, don’t let it pass you by. Live it like it is your last.


14 responses to “How to deal with bad news:Keep your lemons, I never liked lemonade anyway.

  1. I needed this today, thank you.


  2. Marlisa Day

    I love it…. I cried….
    My girls haven’t been tested yet….. it scares me when I think about it…. for them, for my grand daughters…..
    Thank YOU for sharing… I loved it! Such very good advice! ☺😍


  3. Tan Brown

    I loved this…all of your posts are awesome! The pics are beautiful!! Thanks for giving us a window into your soul, and an opportunity to see life through your eyes!!


  4. Thank you for sharing this glimpse in your life. I am so sorry to hear about your daughter, but if she grows up to follow in her mama’s footsteps, she’ll be blessed and strong.
    Praying for you both.


  5. You’re so right! Don’t take ourselves so serious and live life to the fullest of what the Lord has for us!


  6. Jessica Elliot

    That was incredible!!! You were right, it was what I needed to read. Thank you for sharing this with me. I miss you incredibly!!!


  7. This is so true, You my friend have the gift. I love your blog and I LOVE the gift you have of writing!!! Beautiful!


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