Initiating change: don’t talk about it, be about it


I know it is a simplistic thought, but if you don’t like something, change it.  Change is a process that starts step by step.


My senior year of college I weighed 140 lbs at 5 feet tall.  All that I wanted for graduation was money to shop. Being raised poor and then struggling to put food on the table throughout college made shopping a fantasy.  In total, my gifts were $500. So, I went shopping. I went to several discount stores and nothing fit right. Why? In order to fit my hips, the pants were way to long. Discount chains didn’t carry petite sizes, and if they did, they looked like granny clothes. I had one outfit that fit well and flattered my shape, my Ann Taylor outfit I’d bought for graduation, but my budget wasn’t enough to buy $200 outfits. So, I was stuck, sad, depressed, disappointed, ashamed, embarrassed, humiliated, and clueless as to what to do next. I had worked too long and sacrificed too much to not have the luxury of purchasing clothing that made me happy and confident. Life is too short to live and it was time to make a change. 


There is a distinctive difference between identification and admittance.  I can identify a need for change without accepting and admitting the need to change. Until you admit it, you won’t own it and move forward consciously with diligence and persistence to reach your goal.  I sat down in the dressing room staring at my reflection fighting back tears. I reflected on my family, unhealthy, fighting illnesses, and unhappy.  Most always looking for the next quick fix to weight loss, but most never finding it. I left the dressing room with a new mission in mind. 


Next, I needed to figure out what was necessary to make the weightloss journey a success. I got angry; I got determined; and I got me a gym membership. Instead of using that money for a new wardrobe I bought a gym bag, trainers, membership, headset, lunchbox, and workout clothes. All of the essentials for my new journey to fitness and health.


Back then, pre-internet, there was little to no information available at that time about nutrition, so I just cut out as much fat as I could from my food. I walked to the gym one mile each way for more cardio. I mapped out kickboxing classes and used cardio equipment. I worked 3-4 days per week, 12 hour shifts with 2 hours of commuting, so I worked out on my off days for 1 hour.  


Evaluation is easy when your goal is weight loss. If your clothes are getting smaller or the number on the scale is going down, your goal/plan is a success. If it isn’t, then it is time to re-evaluate the plan, then re-execute. Within weeks I went from a size 10 to a size 8. Then, I added the elliptical machine and dropped to a size 6. Next, I started athletic conditioning (bootcamp) and dropped to a size 4. I reevaluated multiple times until I reached my goal. 

The change was a success! I have re-evaluated and re-executed multiple times and managed to maintain a healthy body weight for 12 years. 

Change isn’t easy.  Often times, change is brought about by extreme circumstance: a bad report from a doctor, an ultimatum from a spouse, a child losing their way. The need to change is often more painful than the act of change, but the process remains the same. 

Release yourself from the things that hold you back. Step out on faith! Change and watch the magic happen! 


2 responses to “Initiating change: don’t talk about it, be about it

  1. love your story, been there with weight as well. That’s funny I’m actually 5’4″ and used to weight 140# I agree it is not easy, sometimes is hard to talk your self out of a negative thinking but must do it to change, and I love the walk the talk, and not just talk talk. LOVE ❤


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