Stuck in a shower

So, picture this. I am at the man’s parent’s house taking a shower. Their guest shower has glass sliding doors. Normal setup right? No. It was a death trap!! When I went to open the doors, they were stuck! I am sopping wet, naked and the doors will not open. I can’t get to my phone. The house is huge, so no one is going to hear me if I scream, but, I mean, really. DO I SCREAM? I AM NAKED!!! I don’t want his parents to see me in a full on, Terrell state hospital for the clinically insane PANIC! I mean, seriously. SER-I-OUS-LY!  The parent’s opinion matters! Ok. OK.  Deep breaths Regina. SLOW, cleansing, meditative, deep breaths……….Once I did that, I was better able to think through how the hell I was going to get out of the shower with my self-respect still intact! Guess what, if you press hard on the glass with both hands and slide it, the door will open. Crisis averted.

How many times in our day to day life do we unexpectedly find ourselves stuck in a shower? Not the real shower, but the metaphorical shower.  Of recent, I was “transitioned,” pc term, into another position within my company because they needed someone with my “skillset” to help them reach a goal pertinent to the company’s success for 2014. It really was a nice way to say, you are a pit bull and we need someone who has an, ‘I don’t take ish’ attitude to take us to the promise land. Yeah, I wasn’t feeling it. Not even a little bit, but what my shower incident showed me was, if I take a few deep breaths and get over my panic, even the worst situations can be overcome.

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